My Professional Biography

Throughout my professional career I have worn several different hats in marketing, information systems and technology, and networking and telecom. I'd like to share a snapshot of my career with you here.

My Resume

A Career Always In Motion

When I reflect back at my professional career, I can't help but be humbled by some of the amazing people and organizations that I have been lucky to have been a part of. My career has spanned different roles, industries, and capacities as well. From finance to medical and technology to space, it has been an amazing ride thus far...and I feel, the best years are still ahead!

Starting in Web Design

The first position I landed as a web designer was with the Arrowhead Credit Union in 1998. I was working for the Credit Union at the time and I was really interested in technology and web design specifically. I had been a computer nerd to that point in my personal life, so it was easy for me to have long drawn out conversation with the IT staff about motherboards, or network speeds and capacities. In doing so, I made good friends with the current web designer at the time. She was incredibly nice and after about 6 months of me asking her every question in the book about design and building web pages, she let me know that she was planning on leaving the organization and that I should consider applying for the role. So I did...and, I GOT IT! Step 1 done, get a job as a web designer.

Working in the financial industry taught me a vast array of things including compliance, regulatory details, best practices and much more. Perhaps one of the most critical things that it taught me about was accessibility. I had learned about working with the United States Relay Service to assist those with various disabilities. It taught be why it is always so important to design and develop with EVERYONE in mind.

After leaving Arrowhead, I knew I wanted to continue to work in design or development while I was attending college. I landed a job with Advanced Business Graphics, a huge graphics organization that, at the time, managed thousands of major market accounts for printing and design. I accepted a job as a graphic artist on a temporary basis and loved it. I learned about print, print technology, 4 color process, the difference between RGB, CMYK, HSL and Pantone. It was an amazing opportunity and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it was only a temporary position, and I would soon have a new, even more amazing opportunity.

I applied for a Jr. Network Administrator position with Fremont Investment & Loan in February of 2004. A good friend of mine was a Sr. Network Administrator, and he explained that I would love the job, that I would get to work with hardware and software, and that it was a great organization to be a part of. At the time, Fremont Investment & Loan was one of the largest subprime mortgage lenders in the United States. I would be a great opportunity.

I got the job in March of 2004 and was excited to start. Although I really enjoyed the IT team and the work I was doing, I knew that once I established myself with the organization that I really wanted to see if there were opportunities in web design and development.

Why Development?

After 2 years, the chance finally arose. There was an opening for a web designer in the residential real estate division, and I went for it. The manager of the team, Diane Laizure and I had a great conversation about vision and potential opportunities for the organization to grow with my help. I got the job in 2006. It was a phenomenal position, and I learned so much. I was able to work directly with Account Executives, senior-level management staff members and everyone in-between. After about 6 months on the job, I had gotten a bit frustrated in the process of handing off my designs to developers because of the inconsistencies when receiving the designs back. Finally, after a huge debate about a pixel perfect design, I decided I would teach myself how to code. No more of the WYSIWYG stuff, I was getting a text editor, and I was going to get my hands dirty in code.

Something that I have to admit when I decided to take this jump...I really thought I was going to hate it. I felt like up to that point, programmers and developers and I were from different worlds. We didn't speak the same language and often they would get frustrated with me just like I would with them. After a few months of really diving into the code, I had an epiphany...there was an amazing art form to semantic, clean, slim code. And was hooked.

I spent hundreds of hours reading, watching videos, talking to other developers, joining professional organizations, etc. I knew that this was a calling I had never known, and I wasn't going to just "sorta" do it, I wanted to be the best.

Unfortunately, in the fall of 2008, the subprime market began to crash and I knew I had to start looking elsewhere in an altogether different industry. I applied for a position with SouthWest Medical Resources, and was offered a full time position about a week after I completed my application. The owners and I met, and they explained to me that they had no marketing, sales, design or IT departments, but that they had instead grown their business via grassroots campaigns and an enormous referral network of doctors and hospitals. I was a little reserved, but the passion the two owners showed me had me sold. I was all in!

I built their first website about 30 days later, It was a simple and elegant site showcasing their services and their expertise. In line with the site, I created a detailed branding guideline document for the organization and all of the different print materials for technicians and sales people to share with their customers. It was a hit! In a short period of time, they went from a 45 account organization to an almost 200 account organization, and it was still growing.

I enjoyed the lead design and development position with SouthWest Medical Resources, and even worked with other departments to assist in technology advancements to help others do their jobs. I build the warehouse equipment tracking system and logistics tracking database. I also hired a back-end PHP developer to assist in creating powerful data-driven applications for the organization.

In 2012 I realized that I had perhaps reached my ceiling with the organization, and that I wanted to branch out to explore the world. I took a short term position as a Marketing Manager with R& M Supply, and then decided ultimately that my wife and I wanted to be in Cleveland, OH.

So why Ohio?

In January 2013, my wife and I packed up our new little family and decided to travel east to Cleveland, OH. It wasn't a random decision, my wife is in fact from Cleveland. And now, I don't think I could imagine raising my family anywhere else.

Before I came to Cleveland, OH, I was offered a lead front-end development position with an organization called VMV Management, Inc. They are an internet marketing firm and have businesses in everything from web hosting, health and beauty supplies, technology partners, content delivery networks, and much more. It was a great position, and I learned so much. I managed all of the front-end development as well as all of the email marketing for the organization. I built responsive email campaigns and managed relationships with email marketing partners MailChimp, GetResponse, Email Delivered, Vertical Response and many others. It was great experience.

After 1 year however, I decided I wanted to try and find somewhere a bit closer to home. I found a position with a company called Alphaport, Inc. After doing some research, I was a little unsure what they did so I called them. I spoke with the director of contract operations, and she explained that Alphaport is one of the largest technical contract partners with the United States Government, and more specifically with NASA. Well that definitely got me interested and I applied. After three interviews and a series of sharing background and experience, they offered me the position.

Since then I have loved every minute of what I do. I work with the team at NASA HQ in Washington, D.C. learning about various safety best practices and standards, and why NASA is a leader in workplace safety. Currently I manage various websites for NASA including the NASA Safety Center website, the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Website and the NASA.GOV portal site for the NASA Safety Center. Additionally, I am responsible for all email communications internally for safety campaigns including building them, managing them, maintaining them, and reporting on their success via analytics to senior level management.


Alphaport, Inc. | NASA Safety Center (NSC) | 2014 - Current
Sr. Front-End Developer II | Sr. Web Designer

VMV Management, Inc. | 2013 - 2014
Sr. Front-End Developer | Email Marketing Manager | Director of Strategic Mkt.

R & M Supply, Inc. | 2012 - 2013
Lead Web Designer | Marketing Manager

Southwest Medical Resources | 2009 - 2012
Lead Web Designer | Front-End Developer | Director of Mkt.

Internap | 2008 - 2009
Web Designer | Front-End Developer

Fremont Investment & Loan | 2004-2008
Web Designer | Front-End Developer

Advanced Business Graphics | 2003-2004
Graphic Artist

Arrowhead Credit Union | 1998-2003
Graphic Artist | Web Designer

DEV Expertise

10+ Years

10+ Years

Javascript | jQuery
5+ Years

3+ Years

2+ Years

Microsoft .net
2+ Year

Wordpress (5yrs)
Drupal (3yrs)
Joomla (2yrs)
Telerik Sitefinity (2yrs)

Front-End Frameworks
Bootstrap (4yrs)

Various DEV Programs
Sublime Test
Code Kit

Design Programs

Adobe Creative Cloud
Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Edge Animate | Edge Reflow