A Personal Note

A little bit about me personally.

I'm Thomas

You already know I am a designer, developer, artist, and photographer...but what else am I about?

My family

I am a husband, a father, a brother, and a son. I have an amazing wife, and two absolutely amazing children. In addition to my immediately family, I have a large extended family here in Ohio, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Mississippi, Texas, Arizona and probably other placed I don't even know about.

Other than my career...

I am a relentless musician, specifically a bassist who has been playing for the better part of 15 years. In my younger days, I traveled along the California coast in hopes of becoming a rock star. However, building website for my band at the time would end up helping me find my love and help me become a totally different type of rockstar.

Additionally, I am originally from California. I grew up in a small town called Corona (like the beer). I grew up splitting my time between the beach, the mountains and the desert. The ocean holds a very special place for me in so many was, as do the mountains where I am an avid snowboarder. By avid, I mean I haven't been in 4 years since my kids came into my world. And...I'm ok with it :)

I have a number of other interests, some fun, some kind of boring.

Facts About Me

  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Band: Radiohead
  • Favorite Place To Visit: Hawaii
  • Random Fact: I played collegiate water polo in California and was honored with a Team II State Member, and All American Honorable Mention in 1998

I am obsessed with Madlibs, so I created a MadLib javascript game recent. Check it out here.