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Hi, I’m Thomas! I have been a designer for close to 20 years. I started in print design, and never looked back. Now I look to understand how my designs serve my audience. 

My Story

I am a highly experienced marketing management, design and web development professional specializing in multi-lateral strategies including brand development, enterprise communications, public relations, social media management, trade show coordination, search engine marketing and creative design. Extremely technically savvy with a proven track record of leveraging advancements in technology to deliver award-winning designs to various new media markets and communications channels. An ever-present customer centric mindset ensuring success in communications, strategic campaign development and the global marketing mix.

My Values & Beliefs

User Focused Means User Success

Often times as designers and digital professionals, our focus is solely on the flashyness of our designs instead of adjusting the focus to keep the users needs in mind. If you keep the user focused, you will be successful, and so will they.

Fail Early, Fail Often

As a user experience professional, I have a belief that it is best to fail and make mistakes early in a projects design phase in order to ensure the adjustments and evolution of a concept. It also tells my stakeholders that I’m not afraid to take a risk for fear of failure, but instead am aware to take risks to get to the best outcome possible.

Listen, Listen, Listen...then Listen

It’s impossible to learn if you don’t listen. It’s also impossible to listen if you are busy trying to make your own points. Our jobs as designers are to ensure that the user has a voice. And bringing the vision of this voice is at the forefront of a successful designer and user experience professional.

My Approach

As much as I love to be a designer, my true love is my amazing family. Finding a work life balance is critical to the success that I have had in my career. This is my full squad. Please note the enthusiasm my kids had to take this picture. 

Interested in working together? Please reach out and say hello.