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Hi, I’m Thomas. I am a Creative Director, UX/UI Designer and Brand Strategist. Through the creative immersion process, I help my clients transform their visual design to be user-centered in all that they do.


I’m Thomas. A Creative Director, UX/UI Designer and Brand Strategist with 15+ Years of Experience.

I design through the eyes of my clients and those they serve. Through a unique creative process, I help my clients become better visual storytellers so they can grow and attract the customers they have always wanted. I’d love to work together, so here is your chance to get to know me a little better.

Creative Services

Creative Direction, UX/UI Design, Brand Strategy, you name it!

Creative Direction
Award-winning creative direction, I have help companies of all sizes take their creative vision to the next level – and I’d love to help you too!
UX/UI Design
Delivering captivating experiences that have a clear focus on being user-centered is a passion in all that I do. Let’s build great things together!
Brand Strategy
Every brand has a unique and powerful story. As a strategist, I help my clients tell their captivating story to help them connect with their customers.
Front-End Developer
I love to code! There I said it and I know that this is often a service my clients need to help deliver their impactful stories. Let’s create something fun!


Featured Projects in Design

Ohio Creative | Navigate360


Creative Direction, UX/UI Design, Brand Strategy

Ohio Creative | Loot8


Creative Direction, UX/UI Design, Front-End Development

Ohio Creative | TOMN

Top of Mind Networks | Surefire CRM

Creative Direction, UX/UI Design and Architecture

Ohio Creative | Affinity Whole Health

Affinity Whole Health

Creative Direction, Marketing Strategy and Brand Development

Progressive Insurance

UX/UI Design, Front-End Development

Ohio Creative | NASA


Creative Direction, UX/UI Design, Front-End Development

Creative Direction

UX/UI Design

Brand Strategy


“Thomas is one of the most creative & digitally-savvy marketers I’ve ever worked with. He’s equal parts graphic designer, front end web developer & digital marketing leader. In addition to being an incredible marketer, he’s also a genuinely awesome human being, capable of making anyone feel welcome on his team.”

Zachary Short

“Thomas is such an amazing resource for any marketing team. He knows web development, email marketing, PPC/SEM, SEO, social, design, project management… the list goes on and on. His martech stack knowledge is so deep and diverse. He’s truly a “Fat-T” marketer.”

David Frey

“Thomas possesses a great depth of knowledge related to UI/UX that is complemented by a diverse range of experience that he has developed due to his strong curiosity and willingness to learn. Thomas’ creative vision and intuition also sets him apart. Thomas’ strives to be the best in the industry at what he does and his work shows this drive. His products are exceptional and his strategic vision aligns with what the market desires. “

Jordan Woodard

Thomas Rowley | Your Creative Partner


433 Bishop Road, Highland Heights OH 44143

Phone Number

(951) 318-8790

Business Hours

24/ 7 / 365

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I passionately engage in endeavors of all scales that resonate harmoniously with my creative essence. Should you seek an imaginative companion, I implore you not to delay in connecting with me, so we may delve into the depths of my offerings and collaboratively manifest the vivid tapestry of your aspirations.
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