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Top of Mind Networks | Surefire CRM

Top of Mind Networks | Surefire CRM


FinTech, Mortgage, Real Estate

Design Applications:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, CANVA, Microsoft VS Code, SEMRush, HoJar, Google Analytics, Google DataStudio, Google Search Console, Jira, Confluence

Target Audience:

Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Loan Officers, Mortgage Marketers

As the Senior Creative Director of User Experience at Surefire CRM, I led a talented team designing and delivering exceptional CRM solutions tailored to mortgage loan officers and fintech professionals. By focusing on user experience, we aimed to provide intuitive and efficient interfaces that streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity. Collaborating closely with product managers and stakeholders, we gained deep insights into the unique needs of our target audience, allowing us to create user-centered experiences that catered specifically to the challenges and demands faced by mortgage loan officers and fintech professionals.

The importance of my role in helping these professionals cannot be overstated. By prioritizing user experience, we provided them with a powerful CRM tool that simplified their day-to-day tasks, improved client interactions, and ultimately drove business growth. Through careful research, prototyping, and iterative design, we ensured that our CRM platform was visually appealing, highly functional, and efficient. Our seamless and intuitive user interface allowed clients to effortlessly manage leads, automate marketing campaigns, and enhance customer relationships.

Placing a strong emphasis on user experience empowered mortgage loan officers and fintech professionals to navigate the complexities of their industries with ease. We aimed to provide them with a reliable and innovative CRM solution that supported their success and helped them stay ahead in a competitive market. By simplifying their workflows, improving client interactions, and enabling them to achieve their business goals, our work significantly impacted their day-to-day operations. Working at Surefire CRM as the Senior Creative Director of User Experience was a rewarding experience, knowing that our efforts contributed to the success and growth of mortgage loan officers and fintech professionals.

Project Timeline

November 2018
November 2018

Hired at the 2nd Employee in New Cleveland Office

I’m hired to be the Senior UX Architect at Top of Mind Networks helping transform an already amazing platform, Surefire CRM.

January 2020
January 2020

Promoted to Senior Creative Director of User Experience

In addition to my responsibility as the Sr. UX Architect, I accepted the promotion to the Senior Creative Director of User Experience. In addition to UX design, I take over all of brand design and SEO for the organization at that time.

April 2021
April 2021

Departure from Top of Mind Networks

After 3 amazing years with Top of Mind, I’m blessed with a very mission-driven opportunity to join Navigate360. 

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