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I’m Thomas. A Creative Director, UX/UI Designer, Brand Strategist, Dad, Husband, Bassist, and Nerd!

Allow me to introduce myself! I am a Creative Director, UX/UI Designer, Research Specialist, and Brand Strategist. Throughout my professional journey, I’ve had the privilege of working with esteemed companies like NASA, Progressive Insurance, GE, Navigate360, and many others. With a passion for all things creative, my personal mantra has always been “Changing the World, One Pixel At A Time.” Born in Southern California, I’ve always tried to see the sunny side of life throughout my personal and professional life. My biggest success has been being a loving husband and dedicated father. As much as I enjoy my professional career, I do it all to support my loving family.

I’m also a nerd. There, I said it and I own it. I love tech. I love to reach. I love to geek out on things like SASS mixins and custom functions, so ya, I’m someone who embraces his inner nerd!

In the realm of creativity, I thrive on exploring innovative solutions and pushing boundaries. As a Creative Director, I’ve honed my skills in shaping compelling visual narratives and overseeing projects that captivate audiences. My expertise as a UX/UI Designer has allowed me to create seamless and intuitive digital experiences, making complex processes accessible and user-friendly. Additionally, my background as a Research Specialist has equipped me with the ability to delve into user insights and integrate them into impactful design strategies. Moreover, my role as a Brand Strategist has given me the opportunity to develop strong brand identities that resonate with target audiences.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I embrace the role of a loving husband and dedicated father, prioritizing my family above all else. They are my foundation and the driving force behind everything I do. In my downtime, you’ll find me immersed in music, playing bass and exploring different genres. I also enjoy practicing jiu-jitsu, which keeps me grounded and focused. As a self-proclaimed certified nerd, I revel in delving into the realms of technology, science fiction, and all things geeky.

With a diverse range of passions and experiences, I approach life with an open mind and a constant hunger for growth. I believe that every pixel has the potential to make a difference, and through my work and personal pursuits, I strive to leave a positive impact on the world.

My Career Journey

When I was young, I loved to draw. I don’t mean I would sit down and draw stick figures like others kids, I was obsessed. I loved comic books, specifically, Image comics. To me, at that time the best artists worked with Image and Marvel and DC hadn’t quite caught up to the style of artistry. I had a comic book store right across the street from where I lived and I would spend every penny I got for my allowance buying either comic books or comic cards. I wanted to be an artist and I knew it from the first time I read the Incredible Hulk.

When I was 10, my step-mom started sharing different types of art. She had been a fine artist and had traveled all over the world on an art scholarship. She exposed me to oil paintings, sculptures, and so much more. I was hooked, and I knew this was what I wanted my life to be.

At the same time, my step-mom was also working closely with Peachtree accounting software and doing some basic programming. I took an interest to it because it was like she was able to make her own games and small programs. I was fascinated with it, and that started my understanding of programming and working with computers.

The Early Years 1999-2006

In 1999 I landed my very first design role with a company called Advanced Business Graphics, or ABG. They were a huge company equipped with huge scale printing presses and 4 color equipment. I was a type setter working primarily on medical forms and employee benefit forms. Although the work wasn’t the most exciting, I loved every minute of it. I got to learn the print process from the ground up including creating film and plates that the pressmen used to produce the artwork we designed.

In 2000 I left ABG and began working for the Arrowhead Credit Union. I was the credit unions only web designer and worked closely with the development team to build powerful websites that were used for marketing and outreach for our local community. It was a blast and I made friends that I still cherish to this day!

In 2003 I landed a big role with Fremont Investment & Loan, the countries second largest subprime mortgage company, and business was booming! I joined the marketing team under great leadership and learned quickly about tall elements of design being the principal designer and web designer. During this role, I managed a team of designers and was responsible for all elements of our brand for external design collateral and communications.

In 2006, the market for subprime loans would implode and the United States would experience one of the most catastrophic market collapses in the last 100 years. I was exceptionally fortunate as I did forsee the market collapse and let Fremont Investment & Loan to join Internap, a leading CDN technology company in Irvine, CA. I would join the team as a paid media artist specializing in motion graphics when Flash was still at the forefront of banner ads and paid media.

Becoming a Leader 2007-2013

In 2007, the tech market began to feel the effects of the mortgage industry collapse and Internap was forced to downsize their workforce. Thankfully, before I was impacted by this I accepted a role as a Marketing and Design leader for SouthWest Medical Resources (SWMR). SWMR was a leader in the medical imaging and device industry providing systems, parts and service for GE MRIs, CTs and PET CTs. It was a very new and exciting shift in industry for me. I was able to not only build the brand for the organization from the ground up, but I was also able to build my own team. I brought on my first interface designer to help, as I was still the principal designer for the organization and needed help managing the day to day content of the marketing and sales teams.

In 2009, SWMR would give me the biggest opportunity of my life. I worked with an organization called PartsSource in Aurora, OH and this would be a completely new chapter of my life, as my future wife was my account representative at PartsSource.

Shortly after we met, we fell in love and she would move back to California to start a life with me.

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