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Showcasing My Portfolio of Projects

Ohio Creative | Thomas Rowley

Each new client presents a new adventure and an exciting story. Here are some of my projects that I’ve had the privilege of working over the last 10 years. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Creative Direction

UX/UI Design

Brand Strategy

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My Goal is to Help My Clients Bring Their Vision to Life!

As an esteemed Creative Director, UX/UI Designer, and Brand Strategist with a distinguished track record, I embody the essence of attentive client collaboration. My profound commitment lies in crafting compelling narratives that encapsulate their unique identities by harnessing the breadth of my multidisciplinary expertise.
Creative Director
The seamless fusion of my visionary thinking, extensive industry experience, and innate ability to inspire and guide diverse creative teams positions me as a formidable Creative Director, capable of transforming concepts into captivating realities.
UX/UI Designer
Through a humble demeanor and an unwavering dedication to user-centric design principles, I strive to create exceptional experiences that seamlessly blend aesthetics with intuitive functionality, making me a valuable asset as a UX/UI designer.
Brand Strategist
My inherent talent for distilling brand essence, coupled with a relentless pursuit of market insights and a flair for crafting captivating narratives, empowers me as a standout Brand Strategist who consistently delivers exceptional brand positioning and resonant messaging.

Creative Direction

Managing and Directing Creative Talent for Award-Winning Projects

With expertise in the core tenets of creative direction, I possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies underpinning this multifaceted discipline. Fusing artistry with strategic vision, I excel in shaping the creative direction of projects by meticulously orchestrating elements such as concept ideation, visual aesthetics, and storytelling. My proficiency lies in seamlessly blending these key components to construct captivating narratives that resonate with target audiences, ensuring brand consistency and alignment across diverse platforms. Through meticulous attention to detail, a keen eye for design, and a deep understanding of market trends, I strive to create immersive brand experiences that leave a lasting impact.
Core Competencies and Skills
  • Creative Leadership 90% 90%
  • Strategic Thinking 95% 95%
  • Concept Development 85% 85%
  • Cross-Functional Management 83% 83%
  • Communication 90% 90%
  • Design and Aesthetics 96% 96%
  • Adaptability and Collaboration 100% 100%
  • Time and Project Management 90% 90%
  • Client Relationship Management 95% 95%
Ohio Creative | Creative Direction

ALICE Training® – Product Testimonial Video

Role: Creative Director, Co-Designer, Post-Production

As the Creative Director for the product testimonial video highlighting the ALICE Active Shooter Response system, I recognized the immense importance of conveying the vital role this product plays in enhancing safety and preparedness. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with the production team, we crafted a compelling video that effectively communicated the significance of the ALICE system. By showcasing real-life testimonials and powerful narratives, we were able to highlight the transformative impact of the product in empowering individuals and organizations to respond effectively during active shooter incidents. This video served as a powerful tool in spreading awareness about the importance of proactive safety measures and emphasized the critical need for implementing the ALICE Active Shooter Response system to protect lives and create safer environments.

Navigate360 – Sales Enablement Materials

Role: Creative Director, Co-Designer

Sales enablement marketing materials play a pivotal role in empowering sales teams with the necessary tools and resources to effectively communicate the value and benefits of a product or service to potential customers. As a creative director for the project, I recognized the criticality of capturing the essence of the product and its intended audience. Through meticulous research and deep understanding of the target market, I crafted compelling visuals, persuasive messaging, and impactful storytelling that resonated with the core values and aspirations of the product’s prospective customers. The result was a suite of materials that not only empowered the sales team but also left a lasting impression on potential customers, driving engagement, interest, and ultimately, conversions.

ALICE Training® – Marketing Materials

Role: Creative Director, Co-Designer

As the Creative Director for the project, I recognized the significance of marketing collateral in representing the brand and the importance of maintaining a consistent design. By meticulously adhering to the brand guidelines and collaborating closely with the design team, I ensured that each piece of collateral embodied the brand’s essence, evoking the desired emotions and reinforcing brand recognition. Through regular reviews and feedback sessions, I provided guidance to maintain consistency while infusing creativity into the design process. The result was a cohesive collection of visually appealing marketing collateral that not only reflected the brand’s unique identity but also stood out in the market, fostering brand recognition, trust, and ultimately driving engagement and growth.

UX/UI Design

Keeping the User at the Center of All UX/UI Design Projects

As a dedicated UX Designer, I am fueled by a profound passion for user-centered design and an unwavering commitment to excellence. I strive to create meaningful experiences with each project that resonates with users deeply. My work is not merely about aesthetics and functionality; it embodies a holistic approach that merges creativity, empathy, and technical expertise. I take immense pride in being a standout UX Designer, continuously pushing boundaries and embracing new challenges to deliver intuitive and impactful solutions. By placing users at the heart of the design process, I craft experiences that meet their needs and exceed their expectations, fostering genuine connections and driving meaningful outcomes.
Core Competencies and Skills
  • User Research 95% 95%
  • Information Architecture 90% 90%
  • Interaction Design 80% 80%
  • Visual Design 85% 85%
  • Usability Testing 90% 90%
  • Wireframes and Prototypes 96% 96%
  • Collaboration and Communication 100% 100%
  • User Centered Design 95% 95%
  • Design Thinking 95% 95%
  • Design Systems and Pattern Libraries 95% 95%
Enjoy the Journey

Loot8 – iOS Web3 dApp

Role: Lead UX/UI Designer, User Research Analyst

As the Lead UX/UI Designer and User Research Analyst for Loot8, an iOS Web3 dApp revolutionizing the entertainment industry, I am privileged to spearhead the creation of a dynamic ecosystem that seamlessly connects artists, venues, and patrons. With a relentless focus on user-centered design, I am dedicated to crafting immersive and intuitive experiences that enhance the way users engage with the entertainment world. Through meticulous user research and analysis, I uncover valuable insights that shape the app’s design and functionality, ensuring that it meets the diverse needs and desires of artists, venues, and patrons alike. By leveraging my expertise in UX/UI design, I am able to create visually stunning interfaces that not only captivate users but also seamlessly integrate with the underlying Web3 technology. In this role, I am proud to contribute to Loot8’s mission of fostering a symbiotic environment that empowers all stakeholders within the entertainment industry to thrive and connect on a whole new level.

Surefire CRM – Powercall Feature Design

Role: Lead UX/UI Designer, User Research Analyst, Creative Director

One of the pivotal aspects of the Surefire CRM platform was its remarkable capacity to integrate loan officers, brokers, and clients within a single system. This functionality was achieved through the implementation of the Powercall feature. With the intention of establishing a cohesive platform, I conceptualized and designed this distinctive experience, enabling mortgage officers to seamlessly communicate with their clients while effectively tracking every conversation from initiation to completion. The resulting designs represent the final product, which continues to be actively utilized within the Surefire CRM platform to this day.

Surefire CRM UI Kit / Design System

Role: Lead UX/UI Designer, Creative Director

During the development of Surefire Ignite, it became apparent that there was a crucial need to generate pages and mockups at an exceptional speed. To fulfill this requirement, I took the initiative to create a tailored UI Kit and Design System that could be utilized by both designers and developers throughout the platform’s page creation process. By implementing this approach, we not only achieved a dynamic workflow, but also established a cohesive visual and experiential consistency across the entire platform from its inception. Moreover, this provided valuable support to our development team as they undertook the task of creating the complete user experience.

Brand Strategy

Helping Organizations Transform To Become Powerful Brands

As a brand strategist, your expertise lies in crafting and implementing comprehensive strategies that enhance and differentiate a company’s brand identity. In today’s digital landscape, having a strong brand is paramount for companies seeking to thrive and succeed. A robust brand serves as the foundation for building customer trust, loyalty, and recognition. It enables companies to effectively communicate their values, purpose, and unique selling propositions to their target audience. With your skill set, you possess the ability to analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes to develop compelling brand strategies that resonate with customers and drive business growth. By cultivating a strong brand presence in the digital world, companies can establish a lasting competitive advantage and forge meaningful connections with their target audience, leading to increased brand equity and business success.
Core Competencies and Skills
  • Brand Strategy Development 100% 100%
  • Market Research and Analysis 95% 95%
  • Brand Identity Development 88% 88%
  • Consumer Insights 80% 80%
  • Creative Thinking 90% 90%
  • Brand Communication 96% 96%
  • Digital Marketing 90% 90%
  • Brand Measurement and Analytics 95% 95%
  • Collaboration and Leadership 100% 100%
  • Adaptability and Learning Agility 95% 95%
Ohio Creative | Brand Strategy

New Haven Restoration – Logo Redesign

Role: Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Designer

As the brand strategist and lead designer behind the logo redesign for New Haven Restoration, I am thrilled to share the transformative journey we embarked on. In an industry as fiercely competitive as restoration, it became evident that standing out in the crowd was paramount. Our mission was clear: to craft a brand identity that not only captured the essence of New Haven Restoration but also conveyed its unique value proposition to potential clients. Through meticulous research and creative exploration, we developed a logo that symbolizes the company’s commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and restoration expertise. This redesign is a testament to the importance of staying ahead in a crowded market, where a strong visual identity becomes the cornerstone of recognition, trust, and distinction. I am proud to have played a pivotal role in shaping New Haven Restoration’s brand presence, setting them apart and positioning them as leaders in the industry.

Affinity Whole Health – Market Positioning and Collateral Design

Role: Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Designer

As the brand strategist, lead designer, and creative director for Affinity Whole Health, I had the incredible opportunity to spearhead a transformative journey for the company. Tasked with repositioning Affinity Whole Health as the foremost authority in hormone and testosterone replacement therapy in Northeast Ohio, our mission was to create a brand identity that exuded trust, expertise, and a commitment to personalized care. Through meticulous research, strategic positioning, and innovative design, we crafted a comprehensive brand strategy that encompassed a compelling visual identity, impactful messaging, and a seamless user experience. The result was a brand that resonated with our target audience, establishing Affinity Whole Health as the go-to destination for individuals seeking optimal wellness and hormone balance. It was truly a fulfilling experience to lead the team in shaping Affinity Whole Health’s brand narrative and positioning them as the undeniable leaders in their field.

Navigate360 – Homeroom CEO Podcast

Role: Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Designer

As the visionary and brand strategist behind the Homeroom Podcast, I am privileged to lead a dynamic team in creating an engaging platform for Jean-Paul (JP) Guilbault of Navigate360 to connect with EdTech Professionals, School Safety Leaders, and K12 thought leaders. Our mission is to foster meaningful conversations, sharing insights and innovations that positively impact education and school safety. By curating compelling content, inviting influential guests, and driving thought leadership, we strive to empower our audience and drive positive change in the education community. It is an honor to be at the forefront of this initiative, shaping the Homeroom Podcast into a trusted resource and an essential voice within the industry.


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