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Affinity Whole Health

Hormone & Testosterone Medical Clinic


Medical, Vanity Medicine, Performance Medicine

Design Applications:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Microsoft VS Code, SEMRush, HoJar, Google Analytics, Microsoft BI, Salesforce

Target Audience:

Men & Women with Low Testosterone or Estrogen, Competitive Athletes

As the Senior Creative Director of Product Innovation at Affinity Whole Health, I worked for a healthcare company dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for individuals with hormone-balancing issues. Affinity Whole Health specializes in hormone replacement therapy and offers personalized treatment plans to optimize health and well-being.

As the Senior Creative Director of Product Innovation, my role was pivotal in ensuring that our products and services effectively addressed the needs of our patients. I led a talented team of innovators and collaborated closely with medical professionals to develop cutting-edge solutions that targeted hormone imbalances and improved overall quality of life.

Understanding the importance of hormone balance for physical and mental well-being, my team and I worked tirelessly to create innovative products that delivered effective and personalized results. We focused on developing user-friendly interfaces and engaging experiences that empowered patients to take control of their health and quickly navigate their hormone-balancing journey.

The role was of significant importance to individuals with hormone-balancing issues as it enabled us to provide them with tailored solutions and support their overall wellness. By combining medical expertise with creative innovation, we aimed to positively impact our patients’ lives, helping them restore hormonal balance, improve energy levels, enhance mood, and regain vitality.

Working at Affinity Whole Health as the Senior Creative Director of Product Innovation was a fulfilling experience, knowing that our efforts played a vital role in transforming the lives of individuals struggling with hormone imbalances. By creating innovative and personalized solutions, we empowered patients to regain control of their health and enjoy a better quality of life. It was a privilege to contribute to their well-being and witness our products’ positive outcomes on their hormone-balancing journeys.

Project Timeline

August 2017
August 2017

Started as a Marketing Consultant for Affinity Whole Health

I’m brought on to help Affinity Whole Health audit their existing marketing plans and procedures as well as to validate the offerings from existing third-party partnerships.

January 2018
January 2018

Hired Full-Time and Promoted to Senior Creative Director of Product Innovation

In addition to my responsibility as the marketing in-house expert, I am then brought on to help revolutionize the network doctor offering and take over all of creative and product UX and innovation.

January 2019
January 2019

Departure from Affinity Whole Health

After 2 amazing years with Affinity, the ownership and model had changed and I agreed to consult with them afterwards, but left as a full-time employee.

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