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New Haven Restoration

Logo Redesign

Role: Brand Strategist, Designer


Home Remodeling, Home Restoration

Design Applications:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Stock

Target Audience:

Home Owners, Insurance Claims Adjusters

New Haven Restoration wanted to stand out from the hundreds of restoration companies that were flooding Southern California by having branding that incorporated elements of their model as well as aspects of their company history. The designs below were a culmination of these types of elements all collected in a varied of designs for them to choose from. This was a fun and exciting project that eventually became some great apparel and marketing tools for them.

Setting your brand apart in the flood damage and restoration business requires a strategic approach that focuses on delivering exceptional service and building a strong reputation. Firstly, prioritize responsiveness and urgency when it comes to customer inquiries and emergency situations. Being available 24/7 and providing rapid response times will instill confidence and trust in your brand. Secondly, invest in advanced technology and equipment to ensure efficient and effective restoration services. Emphasize the use of innovative techniques and environmentally friendly practices to demonstrate your commitment to quality and sustainability. Additionally, establish a team of highly skilled and certified professionals who are knowledgeable about the latest industry standards and techniques. Providing ongoing training and professional development will ensure that your team delivers superior results. Finally, foster positive relationships with insurance companies, adjusters, and other relevant stakeholders to become the go-to choice for referrals. By consistently delivering exceptional service, employing cutting-edge technology, and building strong industry relationships, your brand can stand out as a trusted and reputable leader in the flood damage and restoration business.

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