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Loot8 dApp Design and Development

Loot8 is an advanced SaaS Web3 platform designed to assist large-scale entertainers, musicians and venues in connecting with one another leveraging a decentralized model. As the Lead UX/UI designer I have created an advanced UX/UI kit, as well as created all of the screens in the V1 of dApp prototype. Building an app in Web3 has presented challenges that I have never experienced, so this was both a challenging and rewarding experience..

Click Here to view the complete prototype.

Technology used:

  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Visual Studio Code

Role in Design:

  • Creative Director
  • Sr. UX/UI Designer
  • Lead Product Developer
  • Design System Creator and Developer
Loot8 Experience Ecosystem UX/UI Kit


As the world of Web3 continues to evolve, Loot8 identified a key area where entertainers, venues and patrons could benefit for a universal entertainment ecosystem for connecting them all together.

Entertainers and venues want to have the opportunity to have better engagement with their audiences while ensuring that the patrons have a gamified experience when seeing their favorite entertainers, artists and musicians at their local venues.


The Loot8 dApp combines the entertainer, venue and patron together utilizing a variety of Web3 decentralized technologies in order to build a power and unique experience for all. Through the use of DeFi and the dApp, Loot8 provides powerful KPI’s and metrics to venues and entertainers while giving them a robust platforms for NFT drops, a social community to connect and build on long-term usage, and even unique tokens that can be earned by patrons to build lasting relationships.