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I’m Thomas

A Creative Developer

My Expertise

Design Prototyping

With close to 20 years of design experience, I have skill necessary to bring your next project to life.

SEO Strategy

I’ve worked with various search engines to understand their intricacies in order to get your site ranked.


Information architecture

Designing your structure is as important as the words on the page, and it starts with information architecture.

Front-End Development

Utilizing the latest in technology, I can help you take your idea from design to implementation with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Email Marketing

Understanding the complexities of email marketing is my specialty understand compliance as well as compatibility.

Analytics and Reporting

Anything worth doing is worth tracking and reporting and I can assist in this area with extensive detail and experience.

About Me

I am a highly experienced marketing management, design and web development professional specializing in multi-lateral strategies including brand development, enterprise communications, public relations, social media management, trade show coordination, search engine marketing, and creative design. Extremely technically savvy with a proven track record of leveraging advancements in technology to deliver award-winning designs to various new media markets and communications channels.

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